Your sweet words

Gaëlle, mother of three children : “I bought this sweatshirt when my 3rd little boy was born and I am more than happy to have it! It is very convenient to use: baby is positioned in seconds and comfortably installed. It is also very pleasant for the wearer because no strap or other fabric band saws shoulders or forces on the back. And it has a really “magical” side because there is nothing to take with you in the stroller or in your bag. The carrying system is already on us.
Anyway, I love this sweatshirt! And even though I bought other slings and baby carriers, my little boy only wants this sweater and falls asleep in a few minutes. I even bought the T-shirt version for the summer!”

Lucile, mother of a little Leo : “This sweatshirt is a revolution!!! An investment I do not regret! More practical and useful than any sling, baby carrier or stroller! My little koala bear never leaves my Sweat Mama Hangs that I just ordered 2 tee-shirts to fill my wardrobe this summer Thanks again for this creation that has become indispensable in my life as a young mom and this is the only way to put Leo to sleep in less than 5 minutes”

Tiffany, mother of two children : “This sweatshirt integrated my maternity case in September 2020, in case a baby koala appears.
In the end, my daughter loves to be in the arms/reach. She adopted this mode of carrying from maternity, and for almost all outings since, in the rain, to drop off the big one at the crèche, on a walk …
You place the baby in a few seconds, you open the pressure and voilà the baby is in a warm tissue.
On the mom side, we feel baby safe, baby is in a well-maintained pocket (reduced with the cord provided for this purpose), the various pressures, and pocket to put a swaddle to hold the newborn’s head are perfect to adjust the position. And closed without a baby, the baby carrier goes unnoticed.
The buttoning corset allows access for optimal breastfeeding, tested and adopted in the park but also in the cafe or restaurant. All in one, beautiful, comfortable, useful.”

Béatrice, mother of Jules : “My six-week-old son and I adopted him instantly.
Ultra simple to set up and ultra comfortable.
Jules fell asleep in about 2 minutes . I just regret not having bought it earlier. This should be recommended by all maternity wards!
Thank you so much for this wonderful idea!”

Aliénor : “Immediately received, immediately carried and approved by mom and baby! Super comfortable without baby and with. The weight is admirably well set, one does not feel a pressure point as it may be the case for other portages. It is more diffuse, therefore more pleasant, less painful! Also tested for breastfeeding and also validated! I am delighted. And the fact that you can close all the snap buttons and make a “normal” sweater when you’ve put baby on is really a plus. The port is finally super discreet.
Normally I use a baby wrap and in comparison it is simpler and faster. We don’t ask 3000 questions, we put baby in the sweater in 1 min flat and we go shopping!”

Tamara : “I love him so much! It only brings together qualities, namely physiological, at the right height (kissing height), quick to install baby, good support, practical, pretty and which in addition makes a pretty sweater or t-shirt neither seen nor known when baby is no longer there. And to top it all off, it’s the only baby carrier that doesn’t give me back pain (being prone to back pain and especially carrying). Anyway, it is just perfect!”

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