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“The new generation baby carrier”


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2021 Mom’advisor “coup de coeur” awarded among hundreds of tested products.

Marine Chassang Filipe, editorial manager: “Baby carrying and its knots are an art… which, without notions, can quickly discourage. The Summer Mama baby carrier T-Shirt by Mama Hangs is the solution for moms who want to carry their baby with them (and keep their hands free!). We were won over by its ease of use, as well as its very pleasant and breathable material (95% organic cotton). We install the baby very quickly thanks to a system of clamps of panels and pressures: the parent is comfortable and the child feels safe, comfortably installed in the respect of his physiology. The plus? You can also breastfeed by wearing this T-shirt thanks to an opening on the inside panel”.

Kids Magazine

“Porter stylé”

Mom Hangs is the clever mix of style, functionality and comfort. This brand created by a young mom who knows what she wants, offers a real alternative to traditional baby carriers, by offering wearing clothes. Perfect for active and urban parents, its clothes allow you to carry your baby safely.

Manufactured in collaboration with an experienced seamstress and a quality factory located in Portugal, the pieces from Mama Hangs respect the physiology and comfort of the child, but also the ergonomics of the wearer.

With Mama Hangs, there is no need to use too long, difficult to tie slings, or even conventional, bulky baby carriers. Just put on your sweatshirt or t-shirt and slide baby into it.

To note, the brand designs pieces for men and women, so that both parents can enjoy these precious moments with baby.

Junior Magazine Design Awards


Our Carry & Pack won the Bronze Medal: “Our judges felt this was a real game changer for parents who like to travel light. Combining the comfort and flexibility of a scarf style sling with a more structured baby carrier, CARRY & PACK gives you the best of both worlds with the added bonus that when the sling isn’t being worn it can be folded down into a small pocket that’s built into the sling. This is baby wearing at its most comfortable and easy with the sense that you have simply tucked your baby into a gorgeous soft pouch within your own clothing. The panel really liked how simple this was to wear and how it enables the closest possible, continuous connection with your baby. The commitment to using GOTS-certified cotton also impressed the judges.”

International Design Awards 2019


Our innovative baby carriers received the 2019 Gold International Design Awards in the Children, Pregnancy and Maternity category.

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