Expert opinion

We asked a number of health and baby carrier professionals, who were able to test our products, to tell us what they thought about them. Do not hesitate to contact them if you need more details or if you would like to meet with them for medical attention.


Audrey Delemot


Instagram : @chirobiarritz
Website : Chiro Biarritz

“Choosing a baby carrier is an important question for parents but also early childhood professionals!

The baby carrier designed by Mama Hangs meets the primordial criteria to chiropractors. As a specialist in posture and spine, I was keen to find a clear answer to this question that my patients regularly ask me.

The Mama Hangs products guarantee that your baby is in the right posture: the tilting of his/her pelvis in order to properly round his/her back (the famous physiological position), but also a well thought out adjustment of the hip spacing and finally a comfort linked to the fabric that adapts to you and your baby without too much slackening.

For the parent who is carrying, the distribution of loads is homogeneous: no tugging sensations at the level of the shoulders and weight distributed slightly on the pelvis. The settings are less accurate than with wraps to tie but the selected fabric offers the ability to adapt to the morphology of Mom or Dad with comfort.

The work did by the brand deserves to be praised, as these products respect the Physiology of Parents and Baby!

Enjoy carrying your baby!”


Vinciane Leroux

child care assistant and jury at Magic Maman

Instagram : @familletesteuseetcompagnie
Websites : famille testeuse et compagniemagic maman

“Mama Hangs’ Summer Mama baby carrying T-shirt is the parents’ best friend. It allows the mother to keep his/her newborn with her and, to the newborn, to feel the presence of her mother, near to her heart, which he hears beating just like when he/she was in the womb. Just put it on, and you are ready to welcome baby with you: this is very practical and easy to use. Its system allows you to carry your baby safely, from 3.5kg up to 10kg. It is equipped with a system that allows to tighten the flaps to properly adapt the carrying according to the weight of the baby, but also, intermediate snaps, which allow to maintain the neck of the smallest ones. The first layer can be open thanks to snaps to allow breastfeeding with great ease.

This carrying T-shirt is very useful, especially when you are wandering around, so that you do not have to install any other baby carrier. It also allows parents to have their hands free, to prepare the meal or take care of the elders while baby needs attention. Instantly, baby is reassured, and can fall asleep peacefully against mom, who can go about her business while having her newborn against her. This small revolution fully respects the baby’s physiological position, and therefore its hips. Its material – 95% GOTS organic cotton and 5% elastane – is very comfortable to wear and the feeling of safety is present. The confidence to carry baby is therefore complete!

This pretty T-shirt can be offered to the future mom, or be put on her birth list. It is a baby carrying accessory easy to set up, which I strongly recommend, as comfort and safety are there!”


Mélanie Ballais

nurse, babywearing consultant and perinatal companion

Instagram : @latelier_des_meres_veillent
Website : L’atelier des mères veillent

“I recently tested the Mama Hangs products and I am conquered! These baby carriers accessories are very easy to use and fully respect the physiological position of the child. Everyone feels comfortable, the material is soft and cozy.

I highly recommend this brand!”