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Hoodie Fatherhood

At MAMA HANGS we believe that dads should not miss the feeling of having their child close to them from birth. So for us, babywearing is not just for mums! That’s why we have developed not only a range of women’s clothing, but also a unisex hoodie that allows fathers to experience physiological babywearing up close to their babies.

We have taken the time to develop our system, which has been registered and tested in the laboratory (in accordance with Decree 91-1292 of 20/12/1991 on the prevention of risks resulting from the use of childcare articles).

We have not sacrificed style and have innovated to bring you clothes that you will be happy and proud to put on.

The advantages for the father of carrying his baby

Benefits for you and your baby

  • Establish a bond with your child from the very first days.
  • Have a way to calm and soothe your newborn even if you don’t have breasts and milk!
  • Getting involved in the baby’s care from an early age.
  • Provide your baby with sensations other than those experienced with his mother: different rhythm, lower voice, etc.

Teaming up with your baby’s mother

  • Reassure her and make her feel better.
  • Lightening her responsibility as a young mother.
  • Allow him to rest peacefully.
  • To be a real relay if she is experiencing complicated post-partum and post-natal care.

Why adopt our baby carrier for men?

You want to carry your child, but :

  • You are not comfortable with the knots in baby slings.
  • You want your baby to be well supported.
  • You are looking for a practical and hassle-free solution. 
  • You want a system that provides 100% protection for your baby.

Our Fatherhood babywearing hoodie is easy to use, clever and safe.

You put it on like any other sweater. It is easy to put on and the ties allow you to maintain the distance between the hips adapted to the physiology of newborns. The two sides allow you to put your baby comfortably in a physiological position. The outer fabric of the sweatshirt is placed on your baby’s back to close it and keep the baby safe. The intermediate snaps ensure that your baby’s neck is optimally supported. And if you want even more comfort, a slit allows you to slip a nappy in for extra head support. Discover this installation in our video tutorial.

This way, your baby is in a physiological position, comfortable for him and adapted to his morphology. He is perfectly supported and you have your hands free! 

When to wear your Fatherhood hoodie?

Our baby carrier for men offers you a “ready-made” carrying system that you can wear on many occasions from the birth of your baby until he reaches a weight of 10 kg (18 months maximum to respect the morphological needs of the child).

  • In the maternity ward.
  • In your daily life at home.
  • During your regular commute.
  • On a walk alone or in duo with the mother. By adopting your own sweatshirt you can easily take turns carrying your baby!
  • For all seasons! In winter with a coat over it, in spring and autumn with a jacket, in summer during your morning or late afternoon walks.

So many opportunities and moments to soothe your baby and create a strong bond!