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Easy to use, practical, physiological and compact, our CARRY & PACK baby sling will become an indispensable part of your first months as a young parent!

As we all know, the smaller the child, the larger and more voluminous the equipment needed; between a cot, a changing bag, a pushchair and all the rest, even the smallest outing is like moving house!

At MAMA HANGS, our products are the fruit of parenthood experience. The limitations of certain carrying solutions led us to imagine a system that is easier to put on while keeping baby safe. A physiological system for the baby that also guarantees ergonomics and comfort for the parent, without compromising style.

The CARRY & PACK baby carrier is the very first innovative product designed by our brand.

What are the advantages of our “Carry and pack” baby carrier?

It opens and installs in record time! 

No more knots in the sling! This baby carrier is easy to put on: it slips on like a simple t-shirt and all you have to do is place your baby in it.

It allows a physiological carrying for the baby and its parents

It allows you to put your child in a position that respects the natural functioning of his body, without getting your brain in knots. To find out more about physiological babywearing, read our blog post which explains everything!

In addition, on the parents’ side, it offers an even distribution of the baby’s weight which prevents shoulder pain.

It is compact and easy to carry. 

Once baby is dropped off, it folds up into its integrated pocket and takes up very little space. You can then slip it into a bag and get on with your day. 

It adapts to your life 

You can wear it over your clothes or directly on your skin in hot weather. It has been designed in a comfortable and soft material to wear. 

One of the properties of cotton is that it is breathable and wicks excess heat away from the body.

It facilitates breastfeeding

On the one hand, because of the closeness it creates between the mother and her baby. On the other hand, the press studs on the first layer allow the top to be opened to put baby to the breast.

It is scalable 

It can carry a baby from 3.5 to 10 kg (maximum 18 months). You can use it from birth thanks to a system of tightening of the sides to be modified according to the age and the tonicity of your baby.

It is aesthetically pleasing

With our CARRY & PACK baby carrier you will no longer feel like you are harnessed for skydiving! Its sleek design allows it to blend in with your style as a fashion accessory. It’s available in a variety of colours and prints so you have a choice. And anything that helps you feel confident is essential in these times of intense upheaval!

It is responsible for 

It is made of 95% organic cotton (GOTS) and 5% elastane and is manufactured in Portugal.

The little extras

We have taken the time to develop our system, which has been registered and tested in the laboratory (in accordance with decree 91-1292 of 20/12/1991 on the prevention of risks resulting from the use of chemical products).

The use of childcare items).It is approved as healthy for babies’ hips by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute.