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“From Bump to Baby” is the first 2-in-1 headband that follows you through the end of your pregnancy and into the first months of your baby’s life for skin-to-skin care. 

Like all our MAMA HANGS products, it combines technology, well-being and design.

This is a must for your maternity list!

The bamboo viscose fabric is completely seamless, extremely soft and ultra comfortable. It feels like a second skin!

What is the purpose of a pregnancy band?

  • Adapt your pre-pregnancy wardrobe. You can hide your zip when you can’t zip up your jeans and still wear your favourite clothes. You also avoid buying more maternity clothes. 
  • For shaping and supporting the growing belly of your new mother-to-be as the months go by.
  • To enhance your pregnant figure.

Our headband is available in the 4 main colours of MAMA HANGS. These soft, neutral tones can easily be combined with the colours of your usual wardrobe. You can also achieve matchy matchy looks by combining it with our other products such as the “Day n’ Night” bra or maternity top.

What is a skin-to-skin band?

It allows you, from the moment your baby is born, to curl up against your naked body, skin to skin, while maintaining your warmth and comfort. Skin-to-skin with your newborn has many advantages and is recommended by perinatal professionals:

– Promotes attachment between infant and parent.

– Releases stress-relieving hormones.

– Regulates baby’s temperature.

– Soothe the child so that it cries less.

– Stimulates milk flow and helps to get breastfeeding off to a good start.

Like babywearing, it is a proximal approach to the first few weeks of a baby’s life that has physiological and psychological benefits.

Our 2 in 1 headband “From Bump to Baby” allows you to combine : 

 A fashion and comfort accessory during your pregnancy

 This equipment facilitates skin-to-skin moments, which are very beneficial for your baby and the relationship you are building with him.

Materials and a responsible approach

The 2-in-1 headband “From Bump to Baby” is made of environmentally friendly materials:  

86% bamboo viscose

10% polyamide

4% elastane

It is made in Portugal. Its design is perfectly adapted to its two functions, in a responsible approach, so as not to multiply the equipment.

The little plus: it becomes a trendy top

Inspired by our customers, we discovered that our headband could have a second life once pregnancy and your baby’s first weeks are over. 

Its soft and elastic material allows it to become a strapless top that adapts to all morphologies.

You can wear it with jeans or shorts, alone or with an oversized shirt for a casual look. A tailored jacket and trousers give it a more elegant touch.