Breastfeeding Top
Day n’ Night


Innovative absorbent and waterproof nursing top in micromodal.

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Innovative absorbent and waterproof nursing top in micromodal.

Breastfeeding your baby provides magical moments but the truth is that it also comes with a couple of drawbacks : milk leaks are the perfect example 💦 🥛.


Our “Day & Night” nursing top have been designed by mums for mums to absorb milk leaking, stop them and ultimately avoid awkward situations while providing you with maximum comfort and softness and as we name it obviously during the day and while you are sleeping at night. 

You can wear it throughout your pregnancy, post-partum for breastfeeding and more. 

As all of our products, our innovative breastfeeding top is locally sourced and manufactured with the best textile company in Portugal from sustainable fabrics. 

Zero leaks

Thanks to its 4 layers, all milk leaks are quickly absorbed and stopped by the waterproof fabric.

Zero odor

Micromodal is a breathable material which limits the odors and the proliferation of bacteria.

Zero waste

You no longer need breastfeeding pads or cups.

100% of comfort

No underwires and no more irritation, its wide seamless underbust elastic band and its micromodal fabrics will ensure you an exceptional comfort day & night. Its crossover neckline design is particularly breastfeeding at night, allowing you easy access to your breasts.

Designed in Biarritz, France

Made in Portugal

Après avoir été approuvés par des chiropracteurs, sages-femmes et monitrices de portage, nos produits ont été certifiés comme sains pour les hanches des bébés par l’International Hip Dysplasia Institute.

Vêtement porte bébé femme homme parents facile à utiliser et physiologique

What is micromodal fabric?


Micromodal is an artificial material close to viscose obtained from the cellulose of beech wood. This material has many benefits:

Softness and suppleness while keeping its shape
Anti-bacterial and thereby limiting the proliferation of odors
Unlike cotton, it does not retain water and therefore dries much faster
Ecological, its manufacture requires 10 to 20 times less water than cotton.


Additional information


5% Elastane, 5% Polyamide, 7% Polyamide recyclé, 83% Micromodal cotelé


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Day n’ Night”

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