From Bump to Baby


From Bump to Baby is the first 2 in 1 belly band that follows you from your first pregnancy months, to hide your trousers zips when you cannot close them anymore, until the first months of your newborn to make skin-to-skin. Seamless, its bamboo viscose fabric is very soft and comfortable.

Available in several colors
couleur olive   couleur ecru   couleur terracotta



porter bébé contre soi
bandeau femme enceinte
porter bébé contre soi maman papa

Practice skin-to-skin with your baby has many benefits:
• Makes the bond between baby and the parent stronger
• Releases hormones that relieve stress
• Stabilizes baby’s temperature
• Helps baby to cry less
• Helps mom breastfeed longer by building her milk supply.

Composition :
86% viscose made from bamboo
10% polyamide
4% elastane

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