The Summer Essentials

Summer is here! At last, the time to go on summer holidays has come. The time to walk barefoot in warm sand, go on mountain walks, spend quality time with family, and enjoy drinks and sunsets with friends…
But before you set off, you’ll have to pack your suitcase.
Figuring out what to bring between your favorite items/clothing and must-haves can be tricky. Don’t worry, we’re here to help! We’ve made a list of summer essentials to guide you through this process.

First things first, you’ll need the suitcase.
And what could be better than the brand that has followed you since school, been there with you the first time you fell in love, with you through tougher times, and also with you on your first holidays? The Eastpak brand is our go-to for travel and our “Madeleine de Proust”. Their suitcases are as light as they are practical. 


Les objets essentiels à mettre dans votre valise cet été

Whether at the beach or in the mountains, a swimsuit is always necessary. Ours is from Sowe Biarritz. A perfect fit and beautiful details at a great price! For babies, we like the swimsuits from Les Petits Dorés.

We are also bringing a beautiful Slowtide towel (which guarantees you’ll have the most beautiful towel on the beach), and organic EQ creams – as good for your skin as our planet –  to avoid getting sunburnt and ruining a single moment of your holiday. Let’s not forget a Mizu bottle to hydrate yourself and your baby and Jolly Mama bars for a healthy and energetic snack.

A holiday wouldn’t be a holiday without good reading material. We’ll be sure to take THE reference for all parent/child magazines: the Doolittle magazine.

Do not forget Pipouette to allow your child to express his/her emotions easily thanks to his/her best buddy! (tested and approved!)

Sunglasses – of course! Our favorites are a pair from Moken Organic Eyewear made exclusively from bio-sourced materials.

For babies and toddlers, we have chosen Ki Et La glasses which are fun and offer the best protection for their fragile eyes.

Footwear? Once again, we have chosen a brand that we grew up with. It’s not because we are now parents that we have to change our style! Our favorite pair of Vans will be perfect, no matter where the day will take us.

For walks, we are bringing our Mama Hangs Carry & Pack. It’s the only baby carrier that is fitted in record time and folds back into its integrated pocket for easy storage when not in use. To keep baby busy when it is carried, we like to put on a pretty Minty Wendy necklace so he can play with it instead of our hair!


Carry & Pack, petit, compact et facile à utiliser

At the end of the day, the BibRonds Élhée bottles will allow baby to drink his/here milk peacefully while turning the pages of his/her favorite story. Here again, we fell in love with this brand that we use every day (after one year of breastfeeding). It’s the only bottle in surgical silicone for which the teat replicates the shape of the mother’s nipple.

For bedtime, if your baby is used to falling asleep with a pacifier, we carry one of the best and most beautiful pacifiers available from the Bibs brand.

And with that, you’re (almost) ready! We hope you’ve taken notes and that our advice has been helpful. We wish you a wonderful holiday full of sweet memories!